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Market Trends & Educational Videos

How to Grade Your Financial Advisor

Learn this simple test you can give your advisor. If they can’t answer these five fundamental questions, fire them!

VRM: Our Most Popular Model

Join Chris Rowe as he takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of Avalon’s most popular investment model – the Volatility-Resistant Model.

How to Bank Big Bucks in 2023 with International Equities

We’ve just seen International Equities do something they haven't done in over a decade – they outpaced Cash, U.S. Equities, and Commodities.

About Avalon Videos

Part 1 - Understanding The Avalon Difference

We’ll dive deep into what makes Avalon so different from other investment firms. We’ll explore who we are, what we do, how we invest, and what separates us from the pack.

Part 2 - Our Investment Approach is Rules-Based

Learn the rules-based framework behind our investment approach and how it allows us to make calculated and logical decisions based on real data and trends… not speculation, emotions, or world events.

Part 3 - Relative Strength is Our Specialty

We show you how our mastery of Relative Strength – our method of investment – allows us to safeguard and grow our clients’ investments even through the most volatile markets.

Part 4 - Risk Management Is Everything

We explain why risk management is crucial for your long-term investment success. Plus, we'll show you how our custom models align with your risk tolerance, ensuring comfort during market volatility.

Part 5 - A Different Way to Approach Investing

We help you reframe your approach to investing and see the markets from a new perspective. Take the red pill and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

What's Your Risk Number?

This short test will help determine how much volatility you can tolerate in your portfolio without causing you stress.



How to Find the Best Advisor for You
And Earn More Money Along the Way

This complete guide will show you how to quickly ensure your advisor is putting your financial interests first – not theirs. Even if you already have a financial advisor, this FREE guide will show you how to ensure they’re the best one for you.


Understanding Rules-Based Investing
Why the World’s Best Investors Rely on Relative Strength Ratings

Our comprehensive report dives deep into the art and science of rules-based investing, dissects cognitive biases that affect your judgment, and unveils the mechanisms behind systematic investing's impressive track record.


Maximize Your 401(k), 403(b) or 457 Plan
3 Moves That Could Add Tens of Thousands of Dollars Each Year

This complete guide will show you how have market-beating returns in your retirement plan accounts with three simple moves.


The Death of 60/40 Investing
Why Old “Tried-and-True” Methods of Investing Are Over

This complete guide will show you why this “tried-and-true” method is on its way out, and what comes next.

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