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Listen to our CIO Chris Rowe explain how the Avalon difference can give you the edge in any market.

What Makes Avalon So Different?

We Do Our Own Work

Not all brokers and advisors manage your money. Many of them are farming out your money for other people to manage. We’ve never done that and we never will. We manage all of your money in-house using the power of Relative Strength investing.

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We Use a Better Lens

At Avalon, there’s no reason to feel in the dark – our Client Relations Managers are on top of it. Our team will establish your online account access for you to view holdings, values, and performance. You’ll see everything in a new light – with complete transparency.

We Are On Your Side

To understand which strategy or model works best for you, we start with a risk assessment. With your results in hand, we’ll know which plan is the right fit and makes you the most comfortable.

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We Earn Our Money

We realize investing can be stressful and difficult – we take that pressure on so you don’t have to. We have a knowledgeable group of men and women who know exactly what has to be done, when it needs to be done, and how to do it. They are dedicated to making sure your experience with us is easy and stress-free. Our success is tied to your success and we don't prosper unless you do.

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Our Guiding Principles

Without a core set of principles, success is always in doubt. That’s why at Avalon, we stick to a core set of 6 principles that yield consistent results for our clients.


Relative Strength

Relative Strength is the cornerstone of your success. It’s about being in the right global market and the right sectors of the stock market. It helps us find you the best, safest places to invest
your money.



Get the Most Out of Your Trade

The market is never an “either/or” ecosystem. There are options strategies we employ that suit any market scenario to generate a higher return than you’d get by simply owning a stock.


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Lower Your Risk

Most people think the secret to making a fortune in the markets is to win more trades than you lose. The real secret is to employ options strategies that let you profit more when you are right than you lose when you are wrong.


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Bullish and Bearish

The market is not a “bull/bear” world. Sure, there are times when you are one or the other. But there are times when we’ll help you take both bullish and bearish positions – it’s a smarter way to invest.


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Embrace the Dissonance

Most people are programmed to think “up market: good, down market: bad.” But we’re focused on finding situations with the highest probability of success to help your portfolio grow safely.



Cash Is Good

When you’re in cash, your risk is minimal. So if we can match the stock market’s performance while having your capital in cash for half of the year, we actually helped you do better than “the market.”



Our Leadership Team

Strategies, tools, and technology are powerful aids on your investment journey. So is having the right team of experts.

Chris Rowe

Founder & CIO

Chris Rowe is the CIO of Avalon, a registered investment advisory firm. He's also the non-executive chairman of True Market Insiders. Chris has been involved with some of the most dynamic companies to emerge from the financial services sector. Working within the financial services industry since 1995, Chris held various senior positions at money management and investment banking firms where he served high-net worth and institutional investors.


Doug Frawley CFP®, CPA, MBA

Investment Advisor Representative

Doug Fawley is an Investment Advisor Representative with a robust background as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Doug brings to our team a wealth of expertise and experience. His deep-seated commitment to nurturing client relationships and navigating market shifts aligns seamlessly with Avalon's values. Originally from Massachusetts, Doug now calls sunny South Florida home, where he resides with his wife and his dog Micah.


Shiren Ali

Operations Director

Shiren Ali is the Operations Director at Avalon. She has extensive experience in the investment industry, specifically with asset, wealth, and portfolio management. She manages the onboarding, trading, performance reporting, fee billing, and ad hoc requests. She has a proven record of accomplishment in developing clients’ relationships by successfully identifying their needs and building long-term working partnerships. She received a BS in Business Accounting from the University of Phoenix and holds 2-15 Life, Health & Variable Annuity Licenses, and previously held FINRA Series 7, 63, and 65 licenses.


TJ Swing

Marketing Director

TJ Swing is the Marketing Director for Avalon. He oversees all digital products, features, and functionality that help enhance the clients' experience with the Avalon brand. TJ has 25 years of knowledge in the digital industry working with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups. His skills include website development, graphic design, product management, brand building, content creation, ecommerce architecture, and digital marketing strategies.


Your Team

At Avalon, everything we do is for our clients. And that includes assembling a talented team.

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We're currently accepting clients with portfolios valued at $1 million+ (or $200,000+ if you have an advisor). Contact us today to find out more.

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Once you’re a client, you can expect the same level of service from your hand-picked team.

The same team that assisted as you joined our firm remains with you for years to come. We intend to communicate with you at regular intervals to keep you up to date regarding changes in the market and changes to your account holdings.