Don’t Fall for This Massive Deception

August 25, 2021  |  Michael Reilly

A giant scam unfolding right now is sure to hit most traders by next month.

I’m downright pissed off.  

Please excuse the language, but you must share my enragement with this historic transfer of wealth happening in front of our faces while our intelligence gets insulted.

Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are at it again, distorting reality in more ways than I care to count.  

In today’s issue, I’ll explain one reality distortion so you can hopefully avoid the costly “perception shift” exploited by elite investors.  

I think you’ll find it incredibly ironic that the companies that invested hundreds of billions on perfecting tactics for manipulating the minds of most Americans are the same five companies creating this stock market mirage.

One that nearly every investor you know, is likely falling for…

WHO: The corporate giants (monopolies) who own our political “leaders.”

WHAT: Specialize in distorting perception and creating false realities to the point where half of our country has stopped arguing with facts and instead make arguments based on “their truth.”

WHEN: Constantly… but I’ll explain how it’s happening right now in such a way that you’re all but guaranteed to make the wrong moves.

WHERE: In your very own trading account. 

WHY: Pure ****ing greed. Again, if you’re still with me on this then I’ll ask you to forgive my tone.  

It’s mind-blowing.  

Heck, I doubt they’ll allow anyone to even find this article online without having clicked from their email inbox.

With the White House and both houses of Congress controlled by the left, we are coincidentally seeing some of the strongest price gains in stocks of companies that just so happen to be… let’s just say big proponents. Fans. Partners.

These companies, who are beyond snuggly with the powers that be, also happen to be experts in manipulation to the likes of which no one has ever seen.  

They control people’s thinking by determining what web pages you land on when you enter search terms on Google.  

They censor you and control narratives when you’re trying to enjoy pleasant updates from your extended family on Facebook.  

Heck, Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates is in the vaccination business trying to control what gets into your bloodstream.  

The folks who control Apple and Amazon are right up there with the rest (in ways I won’t dive into right now because I want to stay on topic here).

I find it ironic that these are the very companies who are pulling the wool over the eyes of nearly every investor you know.  

And so, in spite of the fact that it won’t bode well for our business, I’m writing to you today to talk about an age-old classic scam, where perception versus reality is currently hitting investors’ wallets hard. 

In addition to all the mind-manipulation that we fight through, day in and day out, from the tech mammoths, there are five culprits who are painting a false picture of what’s happening in the stock market at this very moment.

Political and media manipulation compared to stock market sentiment manipulation may feel like two different things to some. But to me, it’s more of the same smoke and mirrors from the same mega-thieves who continue to gain more ground on their mission to control the world.

But unlike the algorithms that control what people see as they stare into their hand-held devices, those that create the illusions you’re seeing in the stock market right now are much easier for investors to understand.  

Still, I estimate that 99%+ continue to fall for it.  

Today I want you to become part of the tiny minority that, instead, profits from it.  

Heck, it’s your right as an American, to invest a little bit of time, energy, and good old-fashioned “work” and then use your newfound power to beat them at their own game.

Here’s the scam…

Those who control the prices of the five stocks that I’ve mentioned, control the moods of investors around the world.  

Just ponder that for a moment.  

Just imagine, for argument’s sake, that you could control the emotions of investors everywhere. How long would it take you to earn your first trillion dollars?

A trillion may seem far-fetched to you, but it’s a reality to those who participate and share in the trillion-dollar pies that are baked at your expense. 

Is it out of the realm of reality to think that you could at least earn your first million dollars on one investment, just by knowing how the scam works?

I’d submit that it’s not far-fetched at all. 

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

Start with the understanding that the biggest and most explosive gains in the stock market happen at the beginning of a trend – especially after a strong rebound off of major lows.

The beginning of the next major bullish trend is when it pays the most to be in the stock market “long and strong,” as they say. 

Now, consider that the goal of the world’s most elite investors is to use the average investor (you) to get what they want.  

If they want to sell a bunch of stock, they’ll convince you that you’re missing out on a great buying opportunity and convince you to buy while they slowly sell to you. If they want to buy a lot of stock, they’ll scare the shares out of you until you sell out of fear and panic, or after making you feel exhausted while you wait for things to turn around.

These puppeteers, who control the world’s stock market sentiment, have the ability to make you more bullish on “the market” just by controlling the five tech giants that I just mentioned.

As unbelievable as this may sound, just by pushing the prices of these five tech-giants higher throughout most of 2021, the world’s largest investors have caused the most popular market averages to break record high after record high, attracting unsuspecting investors to the stock market at a time when most stocks are actually performing poorly!  

So investors bought and bought, creating extra demand that the elite needed to unload stocks, as stock prices sank lower and lower. Investors looked at the major (and manipulated) averages breaking highs and thought they’ve just had some bad luck.   They’ll catch their lucky break soon!  

But much of their profits have been taken for the first three quarters of 2021 by those same puppeteers. They’re selling while you’re buying. They’re creating bullish sentiment to this day.

As soon as they decide the stock market should see a violent downward move off of those all-time highs, they’ll simply dump millions of shares of Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, taking those popular averages down with them. 

Of course, this will make most of the world fearful. But the quick stock market blood-bath will have been created for the sole purpose of the elite just waiting in the basement with a vacuum cleaner to accumulate as much stock as you’ll sell to them. 

While I don’t predict or forecast, I do feel like I can see it coming. Most of this story has already played out throughout the year. I can almost smell these vampires closing in as they typically do around this time of the year, ready to scare you out of your stocks at lower prices.

They get you to sell to them during the weakest time of the year and right before months with some of the strongest gains and highest probability of success! 

The proof is right here.


Over the last 20 years, September has shown the absolute worst performance, on average, with a 0.8% decline. The month was up only 55% of the time. Seeing a sharp selloff and then a bottom in October is typical, followed by the strongest 6-months of the year.

November was an up month in 85% of the past 20 years and is the second strongest month for the stock market, after April, with a 2.3% gain on average.

Consider that the S&P 500 produced annualized returns of just 6.6% over the past 20 years and the chart above clearly shows that a total of 4.4% was seen in the 3 months following September.

Unfortunately, most of the independent investors just wanting to build their families’ nest eggs from their lifetime of hard-word and savings, will likely feel exhausted from watching their stocks gradually decline throughout 2021, as “the Dow” deceptively broke new highs.

Okay, I’ve explained a lot. So to recap:

  • While it has appeared that the stock market has been strong, most stocks have experienced weakening price trends. It’s been exceptionally elusive
  • We are entering a particularly weak time of the year. We don’t try to predict the future, but the market is ripe for a short-term selloff. 
  • The following month of October is typically the beginning of a very strong stock market. In fact, many indicators point to a high probability of the long-term trend of the stock market becoming very strong. 

I know you want me to just tell you something simple like, “First it will go down and then it will go way up.”  

Sorry, it’s not that easy. But that’s one likely outcome.  

What’s important to me is you have a clear understanding of reality. I hate that so many powerful forces try working against us. But we are here with you and we aren’t going anywhere.  

If your investment advisor isn’t emailing you or talking to you about this massive deception – relieving investors of their deserved profits right now, then maybe it’s time to talk to us about your investment portfolio. Maybe your advisor just doesn’t know how this works.  

I’m not knocking anyone here. I did estimate that over 99% of investors aren’t aware of this. I’d actually say it’s closer to 99.9%+. Your advisor is in good company. 

But the job of the advisor is not only to understand how this works but to also encourage you to allow implementation of risk management strategies to reduce volatility and unwanted emotions as we go through the process together.  

That’s what we want to do.  

There’s no commitment and we don’t believe in pressure. The only catch is, for the time being, we require a minimum commitment of $500,000 worth of investable assets in order to work with us (this can include most types of accounts, including 401(k) accounts). Click here to schedule a free consultation.

I’m working on making it economical for us to reduce the minimum by creating an automated system that you can use. But for now, if you’re unable to meet that minimum then we encourage you to keep an eye out for future issues of ADAPT, as we have lots of value-packed surprises coming up in the near future.  

Stay tuned for more,



Michael Reilly

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