How to Bank Big Bucks in 2023 with International Equities

FEBRUARY 1, 2023 - 12:00 PM EST:  Find out how to adjust your investing playbook now, because this could be the most important shift you can make this year.

Let’s Focus On Understanding the Markets Right Now

Is recession around the corner? Will inflation spike as China reopens? Will the Fed stop raising rates in ‘23? We can talk all day about what might happen.

The Wrong Advisor Could Really Cost You.

This complete guide will show you how to quickly ensure your advisor is putting your financial interests first – not theirs. Even if you already have a financial advisor, this FREE guide will show you how to ensure they’re the best one for you.

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Invest With Strength

Avalon is a registered investment advisor (RIA) for individuals, families and institutions around the world that uses the Relative Strength approach to investing. For 10 years, we've helped our clients work toward their financial goals and we welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help strengthen your portfolio.


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Avalon is a registered investment advisor for individuals, families, and institutions around the world, investing through Relative Strength, leveraging new technologies to facilitate money management, education, and empowerment, and ultimately helping protect our clients from volatile market corrections.

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How We Invest

The world is changing, money is evolving, investing methodologies are strengthening. At Avalon, we are leading the charge into the new paradigm of wealth and investment management through Relative Strength to reduce the risk of loss, as well as increase our upside potential.

What Drives Us

As an RIA, Avalon is obligated to have our clients' best interests driving every investment decision and direction. For 10 years, we've helped our clients work toward their financial goals and we welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help strengthen your portfolio by mitigating risk.

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The Avalon Difference

Since 2013, we have strived to separate ourselves from the old school 60/40 methodology. The more you learn about us, the more you will realize that we are doing things a bit differently in this changing world.

We Do Our Own Work

We handle all our clients' capital and make all buy and sell decisions in-house.

We Use a Better Lens

We view the market through a volatility-resistant Relative Strength lens.

We Are On Your Side

As an RIA, we are legally obligated to look after our clients' best interests.

We Earn Our Money

Our success is tied to your success and we don't prosper unless you do.

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