Avalon is Looking for Advisors to Join Our Team

We are actively recruiting like-minded advisors who share not only our passion for helping our clients, but also in how we do it - through Relative Strength investing.


How To Work With Us


Avalon offers multiple ways for us to work together.  You can directly join our team as a full time hire, or through a sub-advisor agreement.

Full Time Advisor

Relative Strength is the cornerstone of your success. It’s about being in the right global market and the right sectors of the stock market. It helps us find you the best, safest places to invest
your money.


Sub-Advisory Agreement

The market is never an “either/or” ecosystem. There are options strategies we employ that suit any market scenario to generate a higher return than you’d get by simply owning a stock.


Why Work With Us?

What Drives Us

We believe that everyone, not just Wall Street and large institutions, should be able to access the high-level investment strategies that regularly outperform the markets over time. 90% of advisors can't outperform the market benchmarks because they use a static approach to investing. The market isn't static and we believe that our clients’ portfolios shouldn't be either.

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Why Avalon?

Our mission is to help the individual investor achieve not only financial independence but gain the knowledge and confidence to clearly view and understand the markets through a rules-based Relative Strength lens. We believe the traditional buy-and-hold approach to investing will continue to face significant challenges in the coming years and our goal is to educate and arm our clients with the right tools to profit from ongoing market volatility.

About Our Advisors

Our advisors are leading the charge into a new paradigm of wealth and investment management via Relative Strength and Sector Rotation to reduce the risk of loss and increase upside potential.

  • We do our own work: We handle all our clients' capital and make all buy and sell decisions in-house instead of farming it out to a third-party service.
  • We use a better lens: We view the market through a volatility-resistant Relative Strength lens to not only protect, but grow our clients' assets.
  • We earn our money: Our success is tied to our clients’ success. We don't prosper unless they do.
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Working With Us

Avalon is made up of people that grab the bull, pun intended, by the horns. We work hard, laugh harder, and take immense pride in our work. The challenges we face, we face as a team. With team members all over the country, strong communication is vital to succeeding here. In addition to being surrounded by this excellent crew, there are also great benefits, competitive pay, and lots of independence and autonomy.


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